Sunday, August 24, 2008

Million Dollar Bill in Memphis, TN...

Today I traveled to Memphis, TN where I will be working this week. I drove straight through so needless to say, when I got here I was tired and hungry. I ordered dinner from the onsite restaurant so I wouldn't have to go out. I paid for my food and then gave the gentleman a million dollar bill. He thanked me and as he turned to leave he looked down at it then stopped and said "I already have one of these". I thought he was turning around to give it back to me but he looked at me and said "a man gave me one of these in place of a tip". He said "but he gave me my first million dollar bill and now you have given me my second one" and kind of laughed it off. I was caught off guard by what he said so I just apologized for what that man had done and asked him to read what the million dollar bill said because it was important. He said that he would and then left.

I was thrilled to see that the million dollar bill has made it to Memphis, TN but saddened that it was used in the way that it was. I pray that God will give me another opportunity to speak to him this week and find out if he read it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So much has happened over the past two weeks that I have not had time to sit down and write anything on my blog. Tonight, even though I am physically tired, my mind is racing so there is no telling what this post will end up being about. :)

I have been reading the book Do Hard Things which was really written for teenagers. Since I have two teenagers, I got the book with the intentions of making them read it. However, I wanted to read it first so that I would know what it was about and could talk to them about it when they read it. Well, it has ended being a tremendous blessing to me and has come at just the right time. I am working on a large project that is extremely hard and at times, even seems impossible. Chapter seven in the book talks about collaboration and how much more can be accomplished for God when christians come together and combine their strengths to complete a task.

One of the best things that has happened since I have been working on this project has been meeting some wonderful christians who are excited about evangelism and who also use the Way of the Master principles. One of them is Dr. Sampson who is the pastor of Parkway Baptist Temple. He has been helping me with my project while also working on his own. Here is part of an e-mail that he sent me today:

We are currently going through the Way of the Master again at Parkway on
Wednesday nights. The last of the series will be shown this Wednesday. I started a program called "A Summer of Soul" using The Way of the Master. We have over 80 people participate in street evangelism and have seen around 20 people receive Christ. PRAISE THE LORD!

I am leaving for Grenada this week on a mission trip. I have the opportunity to preach in a Soccer stadium that holds 4000 people. Please pray that the stadium will be filled each night. The men that are traveling with me have gone through The Way of the Master and will be using it there.

Prayer is also powerful in numbers so let's come together and pray for this trip and for this project (hopefully I will be able to announce more about it soon) that God would be glorified and that souls will be saved!