Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Testimony (in a nutshell)...

For many years I longed for peace
And something that would bring relief
From all my sorrow, guilt and shame
I only had myself to blame

Time and time again I prayed
Jesus, come into my heart today
Each time I thought I had figured it out
But a short time later returned the doubt

Then one day on the radio
I heard a different kind of show
The Way of the Master was the name
Law then grace they did proclaim

Each day I listened so I could hear more
Then came conviction too strong to ignore
I wrote and asked for help one day
The response, we’ll gladly show you the way

In the mirror of God’s law
The magnitude of my sin I saw
Like a light the law did shine
On all the sin I’d tried hide

With my conscience having done its part
By making ready for grace my heart
I understood that I needed to be saved
From the wrath of God on judgment day

The good news of the gospel now made sense
I could be pardoned at Christ’s expense
Jesus bore God’s wrath for me
When He bled and died on Calvary

Humbled, on my knees I bowed
And asked God to save me now
For all my sin I said “I’m sorry”
And promised to live for His honor and glory

With a contrite heart, I did pray
From these sins I’ll turn away
I put my faith and trust in Christ
And at that moment received new life.

written by Wendy Branam