Monday, October 20, 2008

Deeper Conference 2008...UPDATED

For me, the Deeper Conference was filled with moments of excitement, peace , conviction, soul searching, worship, enlightenment, and pure joy just to name a few. I am in the process of writing about the experience and what I took away from it but there is so much to tell. So stay tuned for part two coming soon!

Another highlight to the conference was the fellowship we had with other attendees. This man was behind us in line for dinner on Friday night. I never got his name but he was so kind and we thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. He is from Canada and had driven 16 hours by himself to attend the conference. He works for a radio program called Cross Currents. He also gave us a copy of the canadian version of the million dollar bill.

This is the Gene and Melba Harris. They were sitting on the row in front of us and during one the breaks Gene came up and introduced himself to us. They are members of First Baptist Woodstock but it turns out that he was born and raised in our neck of the woods in Fort Oglethorpe. We chatted during the breaks and he even got our address so that he could send us some tapes of Johnny Hunt's sermons. We had asked them if Johnny Hunt always preached like he did at Deeper and they said oh yeah...he was even holding back today.

This is Terri...she was in front of us in the line for Ray and Kirk's book signing. We started talking and she told me that she used to be a Mormon but got saved after she started listening to WOTMR.

This is Clint...he was behind us in the line for Ray and Kirk's book signing. He started talking to us and asked us if we had been enjoying the conference. He is from Virginia and was so excited to be there.